The Pentel Fude Touch – Sign Pen, The Best Pen Ever?

Well, this has been one of the most hyped pens I have ever read about. So naturally the question is; can it live up to the hype?

Well, lets start with the design. The Pentel SES15C exactly like the regular Pentel Sign Pen from the exterior. The only difference that I can find is that my Sign pen has a 2D at the base of the barrel and my Fude Touch has a 7A and metallic flake in the plastic. Only so someone doesn’t tell me I missed something, the end of the barrels are different colors. The Touch has a grey plug and the normal Sign has a Beige plug. None of that really means anything. I happen to love the classic design of the Sign Pen and thus I love the Touch as well.

What about control and feel you ask? Oh, you didn’t? Well let me tell you anyways. For line weight it is what I wanted from the Pocket Brush. When I purchased the Pocket Brush, I really expected it to have infinite control. I am sure it would if I had more time to dedicate to only using it, however I do work. So with limited time for drawing for myself, having a pen out of the box that performs as expected is key. The Touch Fude delivers everything from a nearly hair thin line to a nearly Sharpie sized stroke. The tip is a well balanced mix of stiff and flexible. Meaning you can comfortably draw or write thin lines with a feather touch or lay down a thick bold line. 

As for compatibility with othe markers and pens, it is perfect. I tested it a Copic marker and there was no smearing or bleeding, even on normal copy paper. So the bleeding you may see in the image is strictly from the cheap paper and was not from the alcohol marker ink.

So what do I not like? As I have been gushing like a little school girl over my love of this pen. Indeed there are few things that I don’t like. First it isn’t refillable and replacement nibs aren’t available to my knowledge. The second is that as much as I love the body, and I really do. I only wish there was a premium version. Envision if you will a metal case in the same design with maybe one piece refills, nib and ink in one package. In the style of the Edding Vario 1700 for instance, just metal. Lastly and maybe the only serious complaint is that the black could be a little closer to the Lumocolor black from Staedtler wich seems to be a little richer and more solid in one pass. Although, I will say that paper plays a lot into this. For example vellum can look a little washed out but normal porous paper looks rich and black.

This is my new favorite pen, easily. I can honestly say that if I had to pick one single pen to alway have with me, this would be it. Luckily they are cheap enough that I can make that happen. I believe a paid 3.20€ for mine and i expect that if i buy a 10 pack it would be even cheaper per unit. I am so happy, this pen puts a big smile on my face when I use it. I have bought so many pens with expectations not met, and for a change this is exactly what I wanted it to be.
Here is a little video of me breaking in the pen.

I have received no endorsement for this review and have paid for everything with my own money.

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