Pilot V Sign Pen – Is It Any Good?

Boy, was I excited when I spotted this today. A felt tip Sign pen in a local shop for less than 3€. No shipping, no waiting. 

So first impression is that the plastic feels a little cheap. Like one step above a cheap kids marker. Take the cap off and it feels short and stubby. However put the cap on the tail of the pen and it is perfectly comfortable. 

The tip is nice and wet when fresh and as long as you move fairly Swiftly the bleed in the paper is minimal. I imagine that will improve with a little use. Unfortunately the tip doesn’t have a lot of flex to it. I was hoping for an extreme variation in the line width. It provides some but not as much as I had hoped. Again with some use it may improve. 

It has a small window in the side so you can see the ink level. It also boasts the fact that it uses liquid ink. 

For sketching this is pretty ideal. It’s surprisingly more comfortable in the hand than I expected and I felt as though I adapted quickly to it. 

I can’t say that I love it, but I do like it. I was hoping for a one pen for all uses, it would be fine for 75% of my intentions. For a quick sketch it’s really quite good. One interesting feature is that the ink is not waterproof. So combined with some water and a brush the possibilities are bountiful. Although compatibility with other markers and pens in decidedly less. 

I have not received any endorsement for this review. 

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