The Pentel Fude Touch – Sign Pen, The Best Pen Ever?

Well, this has been one of the most hyped pens I have ever read about. So naturally the question is; can it live up to the hype? Well, lets start with the design. The Pentel SES15C exactly like the regular Pentel Sign Pen from the exterior. The only difference that I can find is that... Continue Reading →

Pilot V Sign Pen – Is It Any Good?

Boy, was I excited when I spotted this today. A felt tip Sign pen in a local shop for less than 3€. No shipping, no waiting.  So first impression is that the plastic feels a little cheap. Like one step above a cheap kids marker. Take the cap off and it feels short and stubby.... Continue Reading →

Airbrush and Maker Skull

So I kinda goofed on this one. Poor planning and it didn't turn out quite how I wanted it too. I used EFBE Airbrushes and Copic Markers.  Got frustrated and just finished it to be done. It's a good lesson in technique but maybe not a great example of a final product per se. 

That’s When I Reach For My Revolver!

So, leave it to a punk rock kid in the late 80s to ignore the record store owner's unique suggestions for the next album to purchase. Now, mind you I worked there. He was always giving me suggestions, and in retrospect he was always right. So there was Mission of Burma on the shelve, that i believe i may have even placed there earlier that week. This was 1988and unfortunately I didn't buy it.

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