A quick review of the Callstel Active Stylus from pearl.de

So, in the days before I finally bought an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil I tried almost every stylus possible with my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6 plus.

After a lot of misses and I do mean a lot, I stumbled upon a mention of the Callstel Aktiver Touchscreen-Eingabestift für iPad, iPhone & Android. It very well may have been on TV, I don’t remember.
Regardless, this non bluetooth, non pressure sensitive, no connection almost dumb stylus is still my favorite for my iPhone 6 plus. Here is a video, showing a dumb little character study that I did while I sat on the couch one morning and drank my coffee.

So for those of us that use iPhones and are prone to drawing, this is a great stick in your pocket stylus that costs very little and just works. Granted there is naturally the caveat of no pressure sensitivity, and I put this more in the sketching than drawing category. As the precision is not perfect albeit better than some devices I have used with Wacom devices.

They have a new version that I just found out about that has a smaller tip and is directly modeled off an Apple Pencil and i do believe I will have to buy one of those as well as they are only about 23€.

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