My Process for Drawing a Skull With Pens and Markers Start to Finish.  

So I drew this skull, first I started sketching with an erasable pencil. Well a Col-Erase Carmine Red pencil to be exact. This is my favorite pencil, it is a good dark shade of read, works smoothly and layers nicely. I could talk all day about this Pencil. 

After that I started inking it in. I try and use pens that won’t blend with the markers that I am using, although I use so many varieties of markers that usually doesn’t work out. 

I try to block in some the darker areas in solid black as to create the illusion of depth. One thing that I believe makes any piece of art, Illustration, or even tattoo stand out is to not appear too flat. 

Once I am satisfied with inking the black in, I move to the markers starting with darker shades and then working to the light shade. On this piece I used a combination of Chafford, Touch Five, and Copic Markers. 

Here is the Video from start to finish, hope you enjoy. I’d like to hear what you think. 

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