How I Modified my Apple Pencil

For all the dumb things that I have done in my life, buying an iPad Pro with and Apple Pencil wasn’t one of them. Thankfully my idea for an instant grip was also a great idea, or at least for my purposes it is. Now sure, the Apple Pencil is a wonder of technology and the fact that they got it down to nearly a standard pencil size is amazing. Unfortunately for me my hands will cramp, or rather I will grip too hard and make my hands cramp when using a thin pencil for too long. I also believe that in drawing much like in tattooing ( my chosen profession ) having a relaxed hand aids in finesse. It also helps work for a lot longer. I could go one but that is beyond the scope of this article. 

So while sitting at the shop one day, I thought to myself that I bet the Apple Pencil is close in size to the 8mm disposable tubes that I use in tattooing. Sure enough it indeed is, and thus here is the grip from a disposable tattoo tube on an Apple Pencil. Might not be a solution for everyone, also may not be accessible to everyone. None the less, it works well for me and I am sharing it with you.

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