How I Modified my Apple Pencil

For all the dumb things that I have done in my life, buying an iPad Pro with and Apple Pencil wasn't one of them. Thankfully my idea for an instant grip was also a great idea, or at least for my purposes it is. Now sure, the Apple Pencil is a wonder of technology and... Continue Reading →


Sprayza Blow Marker, Rose Project

I found a set of the RenArt Sprayza Blow Markers on clearance locally for around 12€. I couldn't resist, the ghetto kids airbrush. Yes it was in the children's section of the local Müller. Which for my fello Americans would be like the fanciest Walgreens you could ever imagine had a three way love child... Continue Reading →

Refilling Copic Ciao Markers 

I made a short video showing how to refill Copic Ciao markers. Now on principle I doubt I will buy any more of the Ciao series of markers. I don't like that they aren't supposed to be refilled. Seems like a lot of waste for such expensive markers. Don't get me wrong, the markers are... Continue Reading →

That’s When I Reach For My Revolver!

So, leave it to a punk rock kid in the late 80s to ignore the record store owner's unique suggestions for the next album to purchase. Now, mind you I worked there. He was always giving me suggestions, and in retrospect he was always right. So there was Mission of Burma on the shelve, that i believe i may have even placed there earlier that week. This was 1988and unfortunately I didn't buy it.

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